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Words of the Whirl Whind

Visions of Wisdom, or lack there of

Dark Spellmaster
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Well I'm a writer, or at least I'm trying to be. *laughs* Can't blame a girl for trying right. So what can I say about myself that would make me seem interesting rather then a geek. Humm...well...I grew up in a small community and I have a devotion to Anime, comics, and manga. I'm also a bit of a boy in that I love Transformers and own a number of them...*laughs* Starscream being my favorite. I'm a huge fan of old movies, if they're good, and I have a thing for wanting to create young adult novels. Meh...pretty dull I know...oh and I'm a huge fan of Yugioh in all it's incarnations, that and RPGing. ^_^ *nods nods* I'm a fan of debunking Urban Legends and I happen to like true ghost stories. *laughs*